Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tim's First Post - An introduction

Hi 'Blog',

This is my first foray into posting anything.....ANYTHING.......that anyone in the world could ever read and criticize in their own mind.

As my esteemed brother-in-blood writes about motion pictures, I will focus on one aspect of them all - the soundtrack. Ever since I started listening to them (and tried desperately to hide that fact) in high school, I've gradually built up an enviable collection. It is, however, far from complete, and through writing this I hope to learn about other great music out there.

What's most interesting is that what types of styles I prefer to listen to have changed over the years, and soundtracks that I once thought were incredible and exciting I know find to give me headaches, and ones that I thought were original at first got boring very quickly.

I also find it interesting that since the soundtracks are so intertwined with the movies, sometimes it is difficult to give an amazing soundtrack good grades even if the movie was garbage.

I will try and do my best though, to consider each one individually and based on their own merit, despite my silly prejudices. Bear with me as I find my...........well, bearings. The first posts I imagine will be pretty rough, but hope you tag along and have some fun understanding the minds of the Crouch's.


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